About Us

As a practitioner working with children for nearly 40 years, I have often thought: “I need a simple activity for my young client – something fresh and fun.” And in more recent years, as a director of three allied health clinics, I’ve heard other practitioners making the same comment. 

All practitioners working with children and youth know that innovation is a crucial element to successful engagement and outcomes. We all do professional development, we all have a constantly changing library of toys and games. We all know that creativity can make such a difference. But finding the time to feed our creativity can be very difficult. 

And this is where Praxel comes in.

My vision for Praxel was to enable quick, easy and low-cost access to a world of ideas that come straight from the creativity that we all practice each day. Somewhere that a practitioner can find simple, straightforward activities that have a theoretical underpinning and are targeted around specific challenges and for different ages and abilities. An important part of the Praxel vision is the sharing of expertise within and across disciplines, so that practitioners are benefiting from each others expertise and experiences in working with children and young people. 

The Praxel model allows community members to be not just consumers, but also creators, so that our shared knowledge-base grows directly out of that innovation and creativity that is happening every day out there between practitioners and their young clients.